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What is digital gardening?

A garden is something inbetween a personal blog and a wiki. It’s a collection of evolving notes, essays, and ideas that aren’t strictly organised by their publication date. They’re inherently exploratory – posts are linked through contextual associations. They aren’t refined or complete - posts can be published as half-finished thoughts that will grow and evolve over time. They’re less rigid, less performative, and less perfect than the personal “blogs” we’re used to encountering on the web. - Maggie Appleton1

Who is this digital garden (blog/site) for?

It’s for me.

Ultimately this space is for me as a form of expression but I may share things here with people I know and trust.

Contents here may be messy, unfinished, incorrect, full of mistakes or misspellings and rubbish. That’s the point.

Let’s bring back personal pages and curate our own spaces without worrying about distribution via the algorithms from megacorps.

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