Welcome to another info dump site, a terribly tended digital garden, please don’t trip over the digital foliage and be careful not to get lost.

The general purpose of this place is to archive things so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting things. It also serves as a reference for other people from the communities I am or have been in who may find this useful too.


  • This site will probably be quite boring to you, frustrating to navigate and probably quite broken – I don’t care.
  • There’s probably a lot of cringe here as I’ll be digging out some really old personal things such as old characters and information as old as the early 2000s so I can document them.
  • This site is not for minors (below the age of 18).
  • If you want to use any of this text to train AI, DON’T. You do not have my permission.
  • Don’t freak out but I’m actually not tracking you, I’m not serving you ads, I don’t have a newsletter and I don’t care who you are. Browse freely and have fun. Thanks for stopping by!


This is a digital garden (Digital Gardening), so navigation is bound to get messy, you can attempt to traverse the site or use the search function.

CategoryPageLink Description
Creative SpaceI like art in traditional and digital mediums. (Coming soon maybe…or maybe not lol.)
>>>Written WorksA series of written bits and bobs based on fiction, TTRPGS, RPGS, original character notes and other things.
Info DumpA place for me to dump info, links and recommendations so I don’t forget! I’m sharing these so other people can enjoy these too.
MicroblogA place for silly fleeting thoughts.
MeatspaceThings I do in meatspace.
>>>Impossible ListMy impossible list.
>>>Languages Root / Spanish Root


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