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Meat Space?! What even is Meatspace1?

It’s cyberpunk slang for real life, the physical realm, the realm where our meat sacks reside. We are organic creatures that exist in meatspace. The word has been adopted into real dictionaries.

Think of it as the antonym of cyberspace.

Meatspace according to Mariam Webster2

the physical world and environment especially as contrasted with the virtual world of cyberspace

… allows you to tap twice on the side of the headset instantly switching from VR [virtual reality] to seeing meatspace …— Sam Rutherford

20% of MMORPG gamers say that the virtual world is their primary place of residence. The real world, a.k.a. meatspace, is just a place to get food and sleep.— Dave Gilson

For the isolated student, the online course may not be quite the same as a class in “meatspace,” but it may literally be a lifeline.— Crawford Kilian

These days it’s easy to use bitcoin … to buy goods and services online, in the metaverse, and in the meatspace …—Lawrence Wintermeyer

… is hosting a virtual New Year’s party concurrently with its meatspace counterpart.— Eli Tan

Meatspace according to Oxford Dictionary3

the real world, as opposed to cyberspace (= the internet considered as an imaginary area without limits where you can meet people and discover information about any subject ):

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