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A collection of posts and quotes from across the internet. Here you can find some fleeting thoughts at most but hopefully it should capture some of my mindset.


The feeling of unused domains burning a hole in your pocket lmao.


I have another thing to add… with Valentine’s Day coming up a lot of people look to others for love but it doesn’t only have to be that way.

It’s okay to:

  • take yourself on a little date,
  • do something nice for yourself in the present moment,
  • do nice little acts of kindness for your future self,
  • take yourself to a concert, a movie, a theatre show,
  • buy yourself flowers,
  • eat at your fave restaurant,
  • get yourself a lovely drink or ice cream,
  • set aside some special tea, coffee, chocolate, bath bombs, self- care items for tough days,
  • be your own best friend for a day, treat yourself and encourage yourself like you would a best friend or a lover
  • buy some new clothing, house / kitchenware, perfume/cologne, toys or supplies for your hobby,
  • find yourself a new style or try the aesthetic you’ve always wanted to, or reinvent yourself (if you cannot afford it you can repurpose / rework / up cycle or trade some of your current things or thrift for something that works for you),
  • join a new club,
  • learn a new skill or restart an old one,
  • quit a skill or hobby and take up a new one,
  • stop reading a book, watching a series or movie if you don’t enjoy it

If this resonates with anyone please share this post so it reaches someone else who may need to hear it.